Want to have a great party and be sure that it will be a great event? Then you need to hire a Dj. Dj’s play music for an event or party so that you will have continuous music to fit the mood of the crowd and you don’t have to worry about it. They make sure there is not a break in the music that can ruin the mood the crowd has going, it should be one fluid sound, one song after another continuously. You can work out with the Dj before the party or event starts what you are celebrating, what the mood will be and what you have in mind. Dj’s can also be the MC at the party, they can introduce the main party guest of honor, talk to the crowd about what is being celebrated, keep the agenda of the party going, talk to the crowd about what music he’s playing or what they want to hear.

DJj’s mix music appropriate to the event and get everybody out on the dance floor to have a good time. Hype the crowd, have a good time with everybody and play good music. A Dj can make or break a party or an event. They can make a good party great, they can make it memorable and people will be talking about it for weeks or months. Everyone will want to come to any event or party you have from then on because they had so much fun. That is the whole point of having a Dj is to make sure everyone has fun and the party is a success. They sometimes have equipment for lights, fog machines, strobes, and other special effects that make things really fun and exciting. There are also Hip Hop Dj’s who rap with the music, do beats and other extra things to make the music better. They also know how to go from one tempo of music to another or from one type of music to another. They know what keeps the crowd pumping and keeps them dancing and happy. They know what good music is and what is not, and what they have to offer that will work for the crowd. They get to show their talent in mixing music, sound effects, instruments and sometimes rapping. The important part of all this is that they need to be good at what they do. They need to have experience, the more experience the better. They can sometimes introduce new music with all the regulars that everyone likes and is enjoying.

Carl is a great Dj, he can really get the crowd going and really knows how to play great music. He is from San Diego and has been Djing since he was in high school, he can do any party or event for any occasion. Whatever you are looking for he can do just let him know what you have in mind. He is available to do wedding receptions, birthday parties, graduations, anniversaries, college parties, frat and sorority parties and clubs. He can take any event from just every day to a great party. Carl has fifteen years’ worth of experience in the Djing game; he is now twenty eight years old and has done every type of party and event in the Dj game. When he isn’t djing, he is doing mechanic work at Cash For Cars in San Diego. Go by and see Carl or give him a call and let him know when your next party will be and he will be there to get it going and keep it going well into the night.